Resident Evil Ada Wong is now available in ‘Teppen’

Resident Evil Ada Wong is now available in Capcom’s crossover card game Teppen and her expansion also includes cards based on the Strider series.

Capcom’s crossover card game Teppen has added slightly less well-known characters in the last several months. First, there was Amaterasu from the cult classic Okami, and after her it was Oichi from Sengoku Basara, which while a massive franchise in Japan, isn’t particularly recognizable in the West. Now the game is treading much more familiar ground, as the latest playable hero to join the roster is Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series.

“Hero” may not be the best word to describe Ada, as she’s more of an antihero in her home series, sometimes aiding the villains and sometimes helping the heroes, usually recurring protagonist Leon S. Kennedy, the two of them having a Batman/Catwoman dynamic. And her motivations seem to be just as ambiguous in Teppen.

It’s barely focused on in the game but Teppen does have something of a narrative, with the various Capcom characters being drawn to a place called the Land of Illusion. A mysterious woman in a robe has been luring many of them to this place and a recent trailer reveals that it is in fact Ada, which many fans have suspected for a while. Why she’s bringing all these characters to the Land of Illusion is still a mystery, but it sounds as if her plan is nearing its completion.

Perhaps the biggest surprise isn’t actually to do with Ada but a new line of cards that’s being added as part of her expansion. As revealed in the trailer, there are new cards based on the Strider series of games, with main character Strider Hiryu making an appearance and sporting a new design. Fans of the series would likely have preferred to see him be a hero character, but perhaps Capcom plans to add him at a later date.

Teppen is available on Android and iOS.

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