Samsung Gaming Hub adds Boosteroid cloud gaming service

Electronics said it has added ‘s cloud to the Samsung Gaming , adding to its growing lineup of partners.

This collaboration allows Samsung Smart TV, monitor, and Freestyle 2nd Gen projector owners access to an array of high-end video games via the cloud.

The strategic partnership aims to enhance the gaming experience for Samsung users, granting access to some of the world's most beloved game titles. This move not only bolsters Samsung's Gaming Hub but also strengthens the company's commitment to enhancing their users' gaming options.

Mike Lucero, head of agming for Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement, “Samsung Gaming Hub continues to provide high-quality game-streaming to give players more ways to discover and play the games they love. Game streaming is more popular than ever, and we aim to make it easier for players to access.”

Boosteroid, known for its provision of high-end cloud-based gaming rigs, expressed its excitement about joining the Samsung Gaming Hub. Vlad Kosmin, corporate vice president for Boosteroid, said in a statement, “We created Boosteroid to offer players effortless access to high-end gaming rigs through the
cloud, allowing unlimited triple-A gaming. Samsung Gaming Hub is a dream platform for our players because it was built from the ground up for game streaming, removing barriers to entry with no downloads and no consoles or PC required. We're eager to welcome a new community of players to our platform through Samsung.”

Boosteroid is the latest addition to Samsung's lineup of gaming partners, joining the likes of Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut Cloud Gaming. Through Samsung Gaming Hub, users can seamlessly explore a wide-ranging catalog of free and paid games directly on Samsung devices.

The Samsung Gaming Hub's expansion has been gradual, but it's now reached a high point by enabling game streaming on 2020 Samsung Smart TVs. The service, which initially launched on 2022 models and was extended to 2023 devices, now adds backward compatibility, making it available to millions of Samsung Smart TV owners from 2020 and up, delivering access to a multitude of quality games worldwide.

Users of 2020 Samsung Smart TVs can download individual gaming apps via the Samsung App Store through the Media Hub, allowing access to thousands of games. The roll-out began in the United States and Canada earlier this year and has now been completed for 2020 Samsung smart TVs and monitors (version 2500.0), making an extensive collection of games directly accessible from their home screens.

The collaboration with Boosteroid highlights Samsung's ongoing commitment to offer a comprehensive gaming experience across its device range, catering to diverse player needs without the requirement of dedicated gaming consoles or PCs.

The partnership between Samsung Gaming Hub and Boosteroid aligns with Samsung's ongoing efforts to transform gaming into a seamless and immersive experience for users across their Smart TV and monitor ranges.

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