Sea of Thieves Adding New Accessibility Feature

Rare introduces a new accessibility option into Sea of , allowing people to play with just one analog stick using a host of changes.

Rare has constantly updated its swashbuckling action-adventure game Sea of Thieves, implementing new content such as fiery skeleton bosses in the recent Ashen Winds update, as well as making the title more accessible for a wider array of people. On July 29, the developer announced Sea of Thieves now supports players using a single analog stick with simplified controls.

Using only one analog stick will make it easier to navigate menus and combine movements and camera controls to reduce the number of inputs required. After activating the setting from Sea of Thieves‘ accessibility menu, players will currently not be able to strafe, look up and down, or look around when docked to ship controls according to a post on the game’s support blog, but Rare feels “these compromises opens up Sea of Thieves to more people than ever.”

To support this new , other options can auto center the camera with various timing and speed settings, as well as automatically have players float in the water at the cost of diving. This focus on accessibility is just one reason for Rare’s success with its ongoing title, as Sea of Thieves hit 15 million players in June 2020.

As Rare continues to update Sea of Thieves, the prolific developer also presented new information about its upcoming game Everwild during the Xbox Series X games showcase last month. It will be some time before players get their hands on Everwild, so in the meantime, it makes sense to turn Sea of Thieves into as accessible an experience as possible.

Sea of Thieves is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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