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Shenmue I & II – it’s really happening

For the first time in over a decade you’ll be able to play Shenmue on a modern format, as a release date for the remasters is revealed.

Never mind Shenmue III, for years even the prospect of a remaster of the original games has seemed impossible. But now it’s finally happening.

A double pack containing both Shenmue and Shenmue II will be released on August 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Technically Sega hasn’t announced the date but it appears on the Microsoft store with a price tag of £24.99. The US store says August 21 though, which is a Tuesday and so more likely to be correct.

(Update: Sega Europe has confirmed that the release date is in fact Tuesday, August 21.)

The original Shenmue was first released in 2000 (1999 in Japan) and has only ever been available on Sega’s Dreamcast console.

Shenmue II arrived in 2001 on Dreamcast and was ported to the original Xbox a year later.

The remasters appear to be fairly straightforward, with not much changed in terms of graphics, but they do have updated control options, a new user interface, and full Japanese language options.

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There’s still no clue as to when Shenmue III will be released but currently it’s still down as 2019 – although it’s been delayed several times already.

Developer Ys Net did recently release a long-awaited backers survey though, which seems to imply that work is now proceeding as planned.

Shenmue I & II – Ryo returns at last

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