Sims 4: 10 New Packs We Still Want Before The Sims 5 Is Released

The 4 was released in 2014 and has had quite a few game , expansion packs, and stuff packs released since then. These packs add new features, items, and worlds to the game that improve the gameplay in a lot of ways. From adding paranormal creatures to gameplay features like laundry and going away to university, these packs add a ton of fun to the game.

Even though The Sims 5 is on the horizon and a lot of fans are looking to the future of this life simulation game, we still think there’s a lot than can be done with this installment. There have been so many fun packs released for the game, but there are still a lot we would love to see. From full-on expansion packs that add a new world to simple stuff packs that would add some small features and items, we have a lot of hopes for the future of The Sims 4, even without thinking about the next game in the series.

To see 10 packs we hope to see added to The Sims 4 before The Sims 5 is released, keep reading!

10 Winter Vacation

In the past, we’ve gotten packs that gave us vacation worlds in The Sims 4: Granite Falls, added with Outdoor Retreat, and Selvadorada, added with Jungle Adventure. Both of these worlds are fun for Sims to take a quick trip to so they can get away and have a fun adventure, but there’s something missing.

Since the release of The Sims 4: Seasons, fans have been excited to finally be able to have their Sims experience winter! Playing in the snow and wearing cold weather clothes is so much fun. The only thing we need now is a winter vacation world and a winter activity-themed pack.

9 A Futuristic World

The Sims 3: Into the Future is a pack that was released with the last Sims game that allowed Sims to travel to a future world. Sims could see the next generations of their family, if they had any, and spend some time in Oasis Landing.

Since new packs like Parenthood have put such a focus on raising a family and having your Sim’s family grow up well, a future pack like this would be so much fun. And with the new art style of The Sims 4, we can only imagine how amazing a futuristic world would look!

8 Self Care

The Sims team had a poll in late 2019 asking the community which packs and themes they’d like to see in the future. Among the options was an option for a self care-focused pack. The Sims 4 already has one spa day-themed pack that allows Sims to relax and focus on their physical well-being with saunas and massages, but self care would definitely be a great pack idea.

A self care-themed game pack or stuff pack that allowed Sims to put on a face mask, wear a fitness watch to track their movement, and drink healthy tea and smoothies to allow Sims to get their daily dose of vitamins would be a great addition to the game.

7 Cooking

Since it’s a life simulation game, The Sims 4 already has something of a focus on cooking. Sims have to eat and take care of themselves, after all! In addition to that, Sims can also watch the cooking channel and go into the culinary career if they really love to be in the kitchen.

We already got one pack that’s focused on food with Dine Out, but that’s more about our Sims enjoying food. This pack allows Sims to go out to restaurants or even run one of their own, but it’s not the same. A new cooking-focused pack that has new kitchen items, a revamped culinary career, and new recipes would be so much fun.

6 Farming

Sims are already able to garden, either just in their yard or in garden boxes. These fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs can either be sold or stashed away in the fridge to cook with later. Sims can really increase their gardening skill and produce some excellent quality plants this way, which is a fun hobby for Sims to have.

While being able to plant crops that way is fun, an expansion on that in the form of a farming-based game pack or expansion pack would be a fun addition to the game. The pack could come with a new, rural world and allow Sims to plant crops and even keep animals.

5 Paranormal

We’ve gotten a few different paranormal creatures throughout the lifetime of The Sims 4. Ghosts can haunt houses and vampires were added with their own pack that brought a spooky world, some unique Victorian decor, and a whole new type of undead Sim.

Many Sims fans are hoping that more supernatural creatures like werewolves will be added next. Even if this doesn’t happen, a paranormal and occult-based pack that allows players to use ouija boards, have a haunted house, and work as a paranormal investigator would be a unique addition.

4 Teen Stuff

Parenthood added a lot of depth to families in The Sims 4. It gave things like curfews and new interactions between parents and their children. This is a lot of fun for people that get into their family-style games. But, a lot of these interactions had heavy focuses on the younger children in the families.

A pack that has more focus on the teenager life stage would be a lot of fun. Including new, trendy clothes for them, things for them to do with their friends, and decor items for their room would be a lot of fun and bring depth to this life stage.

3 Wedding

Weddings are a wonderful time in the lives of many people. And, since The Sims is a life simulation game series, this is no exception for these computer-generated characters. A lot of talented CC creators have made amazing items for weddings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a wedding-themed pack.

A pack that allows Sims to fully plan out their wedding before the big day and maybe even have some wedding-themed interactions after they get engaged would be a lot of fun. And most importantly, give us some new wedding-themed decor!

2 Science & Technology

There aren’t a ton of active careers in The Sims 4, but that makes the ones that do exist a lot of fun! One of the active careers in the game is the Scientist career path. It allows the player to follow their Sim into the lab each day and perform a variety of tasks and experiments.

Considering the fact that StrangerVille already gave us a surreal, science fiction-themed pack and we’ve got the active Scientist career, a science and technology-themed pack would be a perfect fit.

1 Arts & Crafts

There are quite a few traits that players can choose from with their Sims. A couple of them allow the player to give their Sim some more creative and artistic interests. This is great since Sims can go to the museum to view art, paint their own, or even become a published author.

But, just being able to paint and write leaves a creative Sim somewhat limited. What The Sims 4 is really in need of is a pack that brings even more creative hobbies to the game.


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