Sims 4: How to Get a Hot Tub

For those looking to spice things up or remodel some backyards for summer in Sims 4, nothing can heat up an outdoor space quite like a hot tub.

For those looking to create beautiful and fun outdoor spaces in The Sims 4, a hot tub is a great upgrade. It can make outdoor gatherings more fun and add to a Sim’s hygiene and happiness. The hot tub was recently added to the Sims 4 as one of the 2021 updates, and is also in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack.

Benefits of a Hot Tub in the Sims 4

Hot tubs can provide a source of entertainment and relaxation for a Sim while keeping them clean. Hot tubs and pools make for excellent party areas for outdoor gatherings at a Sim’s house. Now that children can also use hot tubs in the Sims for the first time, it can be used to keep them clean, relaxed, and happy as well. The hot tubs can also be used for adult Sim 4 romantic encounters and skinny dipping. Up to 8 Sims can use hot tubs at one time.

How to Build a Hot Tub in the Sims

In order to build a hot tub in the Sims 4, players will need to access Build Mode near the house they built in the video game. Once in Build Mode, pick “Room Selection,” then pick the Outdoor choice. Next, click garden plot. There should be a list of all of the hot tubs that players have access to in their game. Players can also use the search function; type in “hot tub” and all the options should appear.

Players with just the base game will have access to Birthday Hot Tub, but those with the Patio Sims 4 expansion pack get two more tubs. These currently can only be placed outside and cannot be built inside of a Sim’s home.

  • Base Game – Birthday Hot Tub – §3,000 – Hygiene: 3, Fun: 3
  • Perfect Patio Stuff Pack – Pringo’s Heater Hot Tub – §1,500 – Hygiene: 1
  • Perfect Patio Stuff Pack – Left of Center Hot Tub –  §3,575 – Hygiene: 3, Environment: 4

Upgrading the Hot Tub in the Sims 4

If players have a The Sims 4 Sim with Handiness, they can upgrade the hot tubs.

  • Aromatherapy upgrade: Requires Level 3 Handiness – Upgrade the tub so that it fills the Sim with soothing scents and makes them even more relaxed.
  • Stereo installation: Requires Level 5 Handiness – This upgrade allows Sims to play music in their hot tub for even more fun at parties.
  • Unbreakable: Requires Level 8 Handiness – Makes the hot tub unbreakable.

Having the perfect hangout space in a perfect backyard is a very big challenge in the Sims 4, but with a hot tub and a little effort, players can have a happy Sim that has the backyard everyone wants to hang out it.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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