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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: Release Date, Gameplay Updates for NEW PS4, Xbox, PC game


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: Release Date, Gameplay Updates for NEW PS4, Xbox, PC game


CI Games Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 attempted to reach for the stars with an ambitious open-world sniper shooter. But as it proved after two delays and severe technical issues at launch, the task proved too much for the Polish developer.

In the aftermath of poor review scores, CEO Marek Tymiñski admitted: 

“By positioning the game in a AAA category, it took us away from what we could have done great. Instead, we spent too much effort trying to catch up with other AAA titles in terms of their production values and features. That was a big mistake.”

These sentiments were echoed this week with the announcement of CI Games next game in the series, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, with Tymiñski saying once again that the studio was “just too ambitious” for what turned out to be a development team too small for the job at hand.

With that in mind, the tactical shooter series is changing tack with a new system set within “the harsh climates of the Siberian wilderness”.

Their announcement also revealed the game will feature both single player and multiplayer modes.

Keep reading for everything else we know about Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. Plus, some awesome headshots from Ghost Warrior 3 to get you in the mood.


Shadow Ghost Warrior Contracts – Overview

PublisherCI Games
DeveloperCI Games
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Action, Shooter

Shadow Ghost Warrior Contracts – What we know so far

As mentioned previously, the game is looking to move away from the open-world gameplay of Ghost Warrior 3 with a new ‘Contracts’ system.

Here’s what CI Games said about the game following its big reveal:

“Contracts distills the core sniping gameplay that series fans have come to love, offering dense, more focused maps that reward tactical thinking.”

“With a wealth of optional objectives to complete, the combination of open-ended missions and emergent gameplay ensure these scenarios are wildly replayable.

“Couple this with the intense environmental obstacles presented by the harsh, modern-day Siberian wilderness, as well as hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, and Contracts offers sniping gameplay at its absolute best.

Shadow Ghost Warrior Contracts 


Shadow Ghost Warrior Contracts – Release Date

For the time being CI Games has only gone as far as to say that the game will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.

But there’s no other information available at the time.

We would, however, suggest that with the game only just being announced that it would be foolish to think the game is coming anytime before March.

In addition, in the announcement, there was a suggestion by CEO Marek Tymiński that the team are working with largely the same engine from Ghost Warrior 3 when he said:

“They don’t have to start from scratch this time and can now – on top of developing new content – spend way more time on improving things they already have.” 

So maybe, we might not have to wait as long as first thought for this next instalment.


Shadow Ghost Warrior Contracts – Gameplay

During the announcement CEO Marek Tymiński outlined how this game will differ from Ghost Warrior 3. It gives fans a clear understanding of where CI Games are taking Contracts 

“We were too ambitious in terms of the scope of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, but we’ve learned from our missteps,” explained Tymiński.

“Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will be more focused on emergent gameplay with an open-ended mission design that the team feels strong about, but it will not be set in an open world.

“It is going to be a more tactical, more condensed experience and the game will offer plenty of replayability, both on the single player campaign and on the multiplayer modes.”


Shadow Ghost Warrior Contracts – Development

The CI Games announcement has outlined a few ways in which the game will look to improve upon Ghost Warrior 3. Telling fans:

“All of this is coupled with a more optimized game engine, minimizing load times and maintaining a stable FPS, keeping players grounded in the rich, moment-to-moment sniping gameplay.

“Between the introduction of its Siberian setting, a return-to-form with an intense mission-based system, and sniping at its best, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is locked and loaded to impress genre and first-person fans alike.”

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