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As of late, the Executive Producer of Dragon Age and Anthem, Mark Darrah, has been diligently engaging with BioWare’s fan base on social media to get the word out about all of the features that are going to be included in the video game developer’s forthcoming action-RPG, recently confirming it will have a level cap. Now, Darrah continues his campaign to inform everyone about BioWare’s next game, stating that solo players will not have AI teammates.

As seen in the tweet below from Mark Darrah’s official Twitter account, the Anthem Executive Producer proclaims that anyone who plays through the game by themselves will not be joined by any AI players as teammates. More likely than not, this is BioWare’s way of guiding single players toward the action-RPG’s more multiplayer-centric experience, with the studio surely hoping that fans will be joining up with their friends online to make Anthem seem more hobby-oriented. This way, players will then remain engaged with the game’s future as it grows, changes, and evolves.

Some gamers looking forward to Anthem may see the single-player’s lack of Javelin-wearing AI companions as a sign that BioWare and Electronic Arts won’t be offering solo fans as in-depth of an experience as those who are more into multiplayer. This may be the case once the title launches, but BioWare has previously promised that single-player is “very important” to the developer, with more details about how Anthem will play for solo fans coming closer to the game’s release.

Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see exactly how BioWare will handle the single-player elements of Anthem, as the studio has primarily touted the forthcoming title as a game that’s best enjoyed with others due to its always-online nature. Of course, we will simply have to wait and find out what the developer has in store for those planning to go it alone when Anthem comes out next year.

Anthem is currently scheduled to launch on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Mark Darrah – Twitter

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