Somehow Woody Woodpecker Is Getting A Reboot


Nothing is sacred; everything is just wood, waiting to be pecked. Not that , the beloved cartoon creature whose largest personality traits are 1) being a cartoon character and 2) being a woodpecker, and 3) being David Lynch’s mortal enemy was necessarily sacred. But he’s not exactly who I’d guess would be getting a reboot, you know?

But according to Comic Book Resources, that’s exactly what’s happening. The NBC-owned character’s classic shorts were put on YouTube last by Universal, and apparently did so well, particularly in South America, that NBCUniversal has decided to make more of them, alongside a documentary about the character’s history.

The new shorts will be 10 minutes in length and five in total. No release date as of yet, but there is, improbably, a trailer. Woody Woodpecker fans, your (unlikely) time has come.

Somehow Woody Woodpecker Is Getting A Reboot 1

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