Sony announced Doom 3 for PlayStation VR

Doom 3 may be 16 years old, but it’s no less scary to play. Now it’s about to get even scarier because Sony just announced the game has been ported and enhanced for VR.

As the PlayStation.Blog reports, on March 29, Doom 3: VR Edition is launching for PS4 and PS5 through backwards compatibility. It will place you in the boots of the Doom Marine, only wearing the PS VR headset and holding PlayStation Move controllers instead of a helmet and gun/chainsaw.

Long-time fans of the game will be pleased to hear that this virtual reality edition includes the base game as well as both expansion packs, called Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. All content has been “retooled for PS VR” and we can expect to enjoy “new textures, shaders and sound effects ” as part of the truly first-person experience. Other enhancements to the game made specifically for virtual reality include the ability to peer around corners, a 180-degree quick-turn function, and a wrist-mounted display for viewing your health, armor, and ammo levels.

My advice for anyone picking up this version of the game is to remove anything of value from your play area before putting the PS VR headset on. Doom 3 is full of jump scares, and they will only be enhanced by experiencing them in virtual reality.

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