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It seems like technology finds a way to seep in every facet of our lives these days for better or worse. Soon enough, it looks like even our canine friends might feel the effects of technological advances in the world, as is set to release robotic pets with artificial intelligence by the end of the holiday season.

It was announced August 23 by Sony that Aibo robotic dogs would soon be making their way over to the US, having previously been released earlier this year in Japan. This marks the latest generation of Aibo, originally released back in 1999. With the technological advancements the little pup has made since its inception, a hefty price tag was of $2,899. Even though Aibo isn’t scheduled to release until the end of the year, Sony will begin taking pre-orders as early as next month on what they’ve dubbed the “First Litter Edition.”

Aibo isn’t just an ordinary toy, however. Its unique AI and expensive technology make it almost seem like the real deal all without actually having to take it for walks. Aibo is able to learn certain traits as it goes and will actually develop its personality based on its interactions with humans, making each Aibo different from one another. Aibo will react to words of praise from its owner as well as physical attention such as back scratches and head pats.

Aibo will also be able to learn a series of tricks that can be taught from the My Aibo app which allows its owner to dish out various commands that the pet dog will be able to follow. Much like a real dog, these tricks actually need to be taught to Aibo.

aibo with chew toy

Of course with that hefty price tag, it only seems natural that Sony would want to release some expensive accessories to go along with the pricey pet. Sony is also launching a line of toys that are compatible with Aibo and that it can play with. Another key feature includes being able to link up to the internet and store memories that are taken from Aibo’s internal camera. Not only can the owner view the camera while away from their robotic pet, but the camera can also recognize individuals as well as read a person’s facial expressions.

Robotic pets with AI capabilities has seemed like something out of science fiction for years, but technology has seemingly caught up with our imaginations. While there is certainly no replacement for the love and companionship an actual dog can bring, Aibo’s realistic canine behavior is something to marvel at.

Coming in at nearly three grand will make Aibo pretty inaccessible to most, however, and it certainly isn’t something that most kids should expect under the Christmas tree this year. Even though Aibo probably won’t replace real household pets any time soon, at least there is no need to worry about any accidents on the floor from this robotic canine.

Aibo is set to release this holiday season.

Source: The Star

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