Sony London Studio upcoming online co-op combat game set in fantasy London for PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment London working on new online co-op combat game set in London for PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Speaking via the SIE Blog, co-studio heads Stuart Whyte and Tara Saunders shared more details about this currently unnamed game, which they call the team's “most ambitious project to date”.

In addition to this, they also shared some new artwork for it, showing a battle against a dragon as the face of Big Ben glows in the distance (see header image above).

Unlike previous titles from the studio, this upcoming release is not a VR game. Rather, it is being built specifically for the PS5 using the studio's in-house Soho Engine.

Speaking of the studio's decision to base the game in London, the duo praised the city's vibrancy and inclusivity.

“Honestly, I think London is a fantastic backdrop for any video game. And given our history of producing games set here, it's extremely exciting to do something similar but with a twist: to bring some real magic and wonder to London,” Whyte said.

Meanwhile, on its move away from VR, Whyte explained the studio was keen to “explore new avenues” with its latest venture, stating it took inspiration from fellow Sony studio Guerrilla Games. “We were fascinated about how they went from Killzone to Horizon,” he shared with Games Industry.

“We are proud of the history and innovation that we've done over the years, supporting all sorts of PlayStation technology, whether that's VR, or AR, or microphones, or whatever,” Whyte continued.

“With this project, we really wanted to explore some new avenues and set ourselves some new challenges. We definitely wanted to try something a little bit different, and I think this new project really channels our ‘brave' value and allows us to push ourselves on the ‘curious' front, too. It's an exciting future, it really is.”

This game from London Studio will be one of Sony's ten upcoming promised live service games.

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