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As Insomniac’s Spider-Man has gone gold, many fans are clamoring to learn more about how the upcoming superhero game will handle a wide variety of topics. One fan reached out to Insomniac via Twitter regarding enemy level scaling, and Insomniac confirmed that enemies will not scale as players progress, but rather the threats will grow over the course of the game.

Games like Destiny 2 and The Division have forms of enemy scaling that ramp up enemy health and damage as players level up, essentially making the enemies seem more threatening when in reality they are the same foes that players take on earlier in the game. However, if this correspondence is to be believed, then the enemies in Spider-Man may actually become deadlier as the web-slinging hero travels through the city.

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Spider-Man will face off against a multitude of enemies over the course of the game’s story, including some familiar faces from the comic franchise like Rhino, Electro, and Vulture. While not every fan-favorite villain will be making an appearance in this epic saga, Spider-Man will give fans plenty of exciting encounters as they progress through the game.

One way that the game could make enemies deadlier is to introduce new enemy types. In a fictional article from Insomniac, some residents of Spider-Man’s New York are being turned into rage-filled stone monsters as a result of a mysterious narcotic. Creating new enemies like this is a perfect way of ramping up the difficulty of the game without just giving enemies more health. With the wide variety of villains in the story, a variety of henchmen could be rolled out over time with better weapons, tactics, and abilities.

Spider-Man is shaping up to be a huge game filled with plenty of things for players to take part in as they complete Peter Parker’s story. The lack of enemy scaling is a good idea for players who want a variety of enemies to square off against and test their might. Hopefully, fans will be surprised and challenged by whatever enemies Insomniac has in store when players pick up the game.

Spider-Man launches September 7 exclusively on PS4.

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