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As indicated by all of promotional materials released thus far for Insomniac Games’ forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man, the single-player action-adventure game based on the Marvel Comics superhero features several iconic villains, and Creative Director Bryan Intihar has teased there are “even more” to come. While fans wait for an official announcement as to who the next major antagonist from the Wall Crawler’s extensive rogues’ gallery will be, it appears as if the developer has offered an appetizer of sorts by potentially hinting at a new enemy type in the game.

As found in Insomniac Games’ latest digital issue of The Daily Bugle for Spider-Man, there’s an editorial warning the citizens of New York to avoid using a new street drug rising in popularity called “Grave Dust.” The picture below depicts how the narcotic transforms a user’s skin into a stone-like texture that has a grayish hue. According to the fictional article, some who take the drug “break into fits of rage, inflicting violence against innocent citizens, and even themselves”, implying the Web-Slinger will encounter and fight these people as an enemy type in the game’s world.


In reference to the term “dust” being used in The Daily Bugle editorial pictured above, it’s difficult for Spider-Man fans’ minds to not conjure up thoughts that relate to Carrion – that is, one of Spidey’s oldest villians from the comic books. For those unaware, Carrion typically uses a chemically engineered dust that he weaponizes to either destroy or control people. Bearing this in mind, there’s a chance that Carrion could be the one behind Grave Dust’s creation, which might lead to his appearance as a bad guy to fight in the game.

Taking everything into account, while there’s no way to predict exactly what other enemies and villains Insomniac Games plans to include in Spider-Man, the only known antagonist that can be excluded from speculation is Venom. As explained by the project’s Art Director, Jacinda Chew, the alien symbiote was simply “too big to fit” into the game. With this being the case, perhaps we will see lots of other lesser known baddies such as Carrion join the ranks of Spider-Man‘s more established villains in order to better cater to both casual and hardcore fans alike.

Spider-Man is currently scheduled to release on September 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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