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This October, Splatoon 2 is holding a special Splatoween weekend as part of the online shooter’s festivities. For this event, Nintendo is adding four different Halloween masks to the game that will each include a unique ability to aid players during battle.

These new masks won’t be available to purchase via the in-game store. Instead, players will receive these pieces of head gear via the Nintendo Switch app and must subscribe to the newsletter. There, an article about the new masks can be found, and players would only have to click the option to launch Splatoon 2 to claim the headgear. It is worth remembering that players who own Splatoon 2 via a game cartridge, will have to ensure that the card is entered to access the news article.

Each of the masks will contain special abilities to help Splatoon 2 players out in battle. Both the Anglerfish Mask and the Kyonshi Hat include the Ink Saver ability, which reduces the Ink consumption of primary weapons, while the Hockey Mask sports Ink Recovery Up, increasing the refill rate of a player’s ink tank. Lastly, the Li’l Devil Horns contains the Speed Boost ability. Nintendo also revealed that unlike the team shirt that players receive during Splatfests, these new masks will be left for players to keep even after the event.

Splatoween 2 Halloween event

This year’s Splatoween was announced earlier this month and will run longer than the usual 24-hour Splatfest. Splatoon 2’s Halloween event will commence on October 19 at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET and will end on October 21 at the same time, running for approximately 48 hours. For this event, players will be able to choose between two teams, Team Trick and Team Treat for the Turf Wars, and the entire game, including the lobby and stages, will be adorned with Halloween decorations.

Last month, Nintendo launched Switch Online, a subscription service that allows players access to online features of some games, a library of NES games, and cloud saves. Splatoon 2 is one of the titles that require an online subscription, but unfortunately, players must remember that the Splatoon 2 does not support cloud saves.

Splatoon 2 is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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