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During a livestream today, popular Twitch broadcaster DrDisRespect abruptly ended his session after breaking character to tell viewers that someone had at his house and broke an upstairs window. This happened while he was live and playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. His family was also home during the shooting.

Guy Beahm, the man who plays the DrDisRespect character, was talking about his play in the beta for Black Ops 4 before suddenly going silent and then rushing out of frame. When he returned, he had removed his signature wig and sunglasses and explained that this is the second time someone had fired at his home in the last two days.

“I've gotta end the right now,” he said. “Someone shot at our house and broke the upstairs window. This is the second shot — someone shot yesterday at our house. And someone shot again just now and connected with the house upstairs.”

You can watch the clip below, but warning it does include what sounds like gunfire:

DrDisRespect did not say that the shots or the broken glass injured anyone, but he has not provided any additional details beyond what he said during the livestream.

I've reached out to DrDisRespect for a statement. I've also asked Twitch if it has a comment. I'll update this post with any new information from either.

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