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With EVO 2018 having taken place this past weekend, fighting game fans received plenty of reveals and announcements for some of their favorite titles. In addition to the many player tournaments that took place, some of the announcements included a Super Smash Bros Ultimate specific Nintendo Direct for later this week and a second season of content for Tekken 7 which includes Negan from The Walking Dead franchise. Capcom also made a surprise announcement that the final two characters for season 3 of Street Fighter 5 would be arriving together.

is one of the longest-tenured characters in the franchise and has been highly anticipated by fans since his surprising reveal inside of the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition trailer. Naturally, Capcom has brought back most of his trademark moves including Tiger Shot, Tiger Knee, and Tiger Uppercut. What makes this incarnation different from previous versions is that Sagat can use one of two V-Trigger moves to unlock either Tiger Cannon, a large and quick projectile or Tiger Spike. Both moves can be cancelled into from all of his normal moves, making him even deadlier to deal with.

street fighter 5 tiger uppercut

Not much has been known about the very presidential looking character called G. Capcom has been teasing his arrival over the past week and while many fans began speculating that this character could link to Q from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, it appears that isn’t quite the case outside of a special outfit. Calling himself President of the World, G is able to amplify his special moves by building a Presidentiality meter and using a G charge move. He also has a lot of moves with knockdown including a downward molten projectile.

With the additions of Sagat and G, season three is officially coming to an end. Interested players can pick up Sagat and/or G starting today as part of the season pass or individually at $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money a piece. The duo join Blanka, Sakura, Falke, and Cody as the other season 3 roster additions.

As for what’s next for the game, Capcom hasn’t said either way if a fourth season is planned. However, the long-running series features plenty of other fan-favorite characters if the developer was interested in going that route.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Capcom Unity

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