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Back in the old days of the internet — remember Netscape Navigator? remember ICQ and MSN? Remember Adobe Flash? — before social media took over the world, you went to websites to watch your favourite Flash videos. Mine was Home Star Runner, where the star of the show wasn’t the title character, but his evil nemesis, Strongbad, who would consummately troll fan emails.

One of the Strongbad’s finest creations — because it was post-modern enough to have shows within shows within the email reply on the show — was Trogdor, the S-shaped dragon drawn with burly arms and consummate Vs.

Fifteen years later, Trodgor makes an appearance in the flesh in the just-released Kickstarter campaign. As per the Kickstarter:

There’s no good reason that the Trogdor board game took 15 years to happen other than the fact that Mike and Matt (the Homestar Runner people) started playing more board games with their kids and friends.

You should be excited about this board game. It’s not just a nostalgia trip—it’s been co-designed by people who know about board games. Specifically, James Ernest, designer of Kill Doctor Lucky and a host of other award-winning board games. (Seriously, checkout his BoardGameGeek page, he’s designed plenty of great games.)

This campaign has only been out for hours, has already hit it’s funding goal, and has jumped $20,000 in the time I’ve been writing this. It’s going to smash out a bunch of stretch goals, so you should totally get on board.

You could do worse than fund this and spend an evening with your mates (or, “maybe people you just paid to come over”) burninating the country-side.

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