Sucker Punch’s Canceled Medieval Game Leaks Online

Before releasing Ghost of Tsushima, Punch was working on a scrapped game called Prophecy that can be seen in a leaked demo.

Most people are hearing the name Sucker Punch right now because of its bestselling game Ghost of Tsushima that released earlier this month. However, recently Sucker Punch has been talking about the now-cancelled game it was working on before its new release: Prophecy. A video of ten minutes of gameplay footage for Prophecy has surfaced on the Internet.

Sucker Punch’s Prophecy is set in medieval Europe and involves the protagonist’s quest to uncover the entrance to a chamber underneath a statue and find the secrets hidden inside. Like the traditional Templar vs Assassin organizations in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the game features the motives of the protagonist, Abel, and others like him who are sworn to uncover the mysterious secrets, and “greedy treasure-seekers” who are ordered to “kill [the protagonist] on sight” to prevent him from fulfilling his quest.

In the video, Abel is cornered by armor-clad guards for stealing while trying to uncover a clue, and threatened with having his hand cut off. The protagonist unveils a mysterious, fiery power just at the right moment that allows him to escape, which brings the viewer into the gameplay proper with Abel running through city streets. He uses this power again later, to break through a window and to set a guard on fire. Dialogue hints that the power comes from something outside of Abel, when another character asks how Abel plans to kill him and Abel says cryptically “It won’t be me.”

The character engages in combat using a sneaky knife attack, busts through a fence, and demonstrates crouching and hiding skills while on the run. The stealth and escape feel similar to the stealth mechanics from older Assassin’s Creed games. The trailer ends with the protagonist disguising himself as a guard, and saying that “all of this will burn” if the wrong people find the secrets within the hidden chambers.

The demo looks high quality and has a level of polish close to being what many official reveals by other developers are at. However, there is none of the unique premise and style of feudal Japan that Ghost of Tsushima pulls off in Prophecy, and besides the mystery behind what’s in the hidden chambers and why the protagonist can use his powers, it makes sense why Sucker Punch ended up devoting resources to Ghost of Tsushima.

The footage keeps getting reuploaded and pulled down by Sony every time it surfaces, so links are not staying current for long. Sony is strict against copyright infringement, and since this demo is a leak and not an official release by either Sony or Sucker Punch, it’s unclear for how much longer curious fans will have access to the video at all. Of course, Sucker Punch might decide to go back to Prophecy and refine the gameplay in the future, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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