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When  Overdrive launched on the Xbox One back in 2014, the zany open-world exclusive received much praise, earning the title a metacritic score of 81 and nominations from media outlets for of The Year and Best Xbox One exclusive awards. While its developer Games has been hard at work the past few years creating another console exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of one day looking to make a sequel to its well-received Xbox One exclusive.

News for a potential sequel to Sunset Overdrive comes by way of an interview between Tech and CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price. Price has already voiced the desire to create a sequel for the property, and that there is a potential for the game to be a multi-platform title, given Insomniac can find the right publisher. The reason behind the push to continue with the property with a new Sunset Overdrive game is due to already having built most of the project’s assets in the original title. Early last year, when asked about why Insomniac wasn’t already working on a sequel for the game, Price told everyone simply to “ask Microsoft.”

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Sunset Overdrive released back in August 2014 as a brand new IP from Insomniac Games. The game sees players running around the open-world of Sunset City set in 2027. In the story, players have use their full array of wall running, grind abilities, and over-the-top weaponry to fight off mutated citizens and reclaim the dystopian city. While the game is currently only available on Xbox One, there were talks a couple years ago that the game could have made its way to PC.

It’s understandable why Insomniac Games hasn’t been pushing to start development on a sequel to one of Xbox One’s best exclusive titles yet. The recent launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 has also come with critical appraise, becoming the best selling Marvel video game just a few days after its release. Part of the reason for Insomniac’s desire to go multi-platform could also be due to the lower sales of the Xbox One in its first year on the market, the same time window Sunset Overdrive was released.

Sunset Overdrive released back in 2014 exclusively for Xbox One.

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