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It seems like gamers are constantly breaking new records and completing insane new challenges. Stories are always breaking about world-first raid times, ridiculous challenge modes, and now, almost perfect speedrun scores thanks to YouTuber Kosmicd12.

Last night, Kosmic achieved a mind-numbingly impressive speed of 4 minutes 55 seconds and 913 milliseconds in , a that many people considered to be impossible without the assistance of computer programs.  This makes Kosmic the first human to ever set such an insane score without computer assistance.

In fact, when Kosmic remarks that he’s “literally tied with TAS” during world 4-1, he’s referring a “tool-assisted speedrun” where a computer plots the fastest course through a game, glitches and all. This means that Kosmic had performed perfectly up until at least that point and that it would have been physically impossible for him to perform any better. He does slip up a little bit later on in the run, but not enough to cost him the world record.

The full run is available below:

Speedrunners have been in the process of optimizing Super Mario Bros. runs for years, steadily trimming milliseconds off of times to try and top the global leaderboards. Even Kosmicd12 himself earned some fame when he went back and forth setting new records against user Darbian back in 2016.

The previous world record was held by player “somewes”, who managed to clock an impressive 4 minute 56 second 245 millisecond time. However, Kosmic had managed to tie that time just before setting the new record.

The question now is whether or not anyone will ever be able to top Kosmicd12’s score. Speedrunners are fiercely competitive, and there will definitely be a few challengers to the throne within the next couple of months, and probably years. It’ll definitely be tough to top the new record, though, as its the first to ever break the 4:56 mark. Theoretically, it is possible to break the 4:54 mark, but it’s highly unlikely that’ll ever happen due to human error.

Time will tell if the record will hold up, but massive kudos to Kosmic and his dedication to the game. Even if the record is broken, he’ll always be the first person to have broken the 4:55 mark.

Source: Kotaku

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