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rolled out two new costumes for Super Odyssey this week, letting players dress Mario up like Santa Claus or give him a throwback, 8-bit style, similar to the 30th anniversary Mario amiibo released a few years ago.

While the Santa Mario is certainly timely and perfectly fine, it’s the 8-bit Mario that’s the star of the show here. The pixelated Mario is amusing for the fact that it has virtually no animation. He just stays fixed in his classic jumping pose, lightly waddling and jumping through levels locked into position.

The 8-bit Mario cap — described in-game as “A hat that takes you back to where it all began” — can be purchased for 9,999 coins. Yes, it’s a hefty price to pay, but the goof feels worth it. Mario’s Santa hat and outfit are much more reasonably priced: 500 coins and 1,000 coins, respectively.

Here’s a look at both costumes, from Nintendo of America’s Twitter account:

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