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Unlike other games in the series, Super Party actually has a main objective for players to complete besides just playing mini-games with friends. The main goal in Super Mario Party is to collect all five gems, but the game doesn’t necessarily make it clear how players can earn each . For those wanting to fully complete Super Mario Party, here is how to get every gem in the game.

  • Gem of Courage – Complete all River Survival routes
  • Gem of Love – Complete a game on all four game boards in Partner Party mode
  • Gem of Passion – Beat all Challenge Road worlds
  • Gem of Spirit – Complete all difficulties in Sound Stage mode
  • Gem of Tenacity – Complete a game on all four game boards

For the most part, unlocking each gem is fairly straightforward once players know what to do – basically, just play every mode except the online multiplayer mode. However, there are some gems that players may have some difficulty with, such as the Gem of Courage and the Gem of Passion. The Gem of Courage asks players to complete all River Survival routes, and what that means is getting all five possible endings, as well as visiting all the major areas. Players do not have to follow literally every single river path as long as they meet these requirements.

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As for the Gem of Passion, it asks players to complete all of the Challenge Road worlds. Before players can worry about that, though, they first have to unlock Challenge Road to begin with, and that requires them to play through every hidden mini-game at least once. To play the hidden mini-games, players just need to play the regular board game or Partner Party, and whenever there is a “???” on the list of mini-games, the game will automatically select it.

Challenge Road itself is important for Super Mario Party players for more reasons besides just unlocking the Gem of Passion. Completing worlds in Challenge Road is also necessary for players to unlock Diddy Kong and Pom Pom, who are two of the game’s unlockable characters alongside Dry Bones (who appears in the Party Plaza randomly) and Donkey Kong (who requires players to complete three of the five River Survival paths).

At any rate, players will unlock a cut-scene if they manage to collect all of the Gems, not to mention be well on their way to becoming a master of Super Mario Party‘s 80 mini-games.

Super Mario Party is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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