Survival game Stranded Deep has an absolutely huge update out now

Stranded Deep, the game where you’re marooned on a desert island after a plane crash just had its first major stable in some time.

Along with an impressive list of bug fixes, some big new features made it into this release. There’s a new intro , a new main menu and loading visuals, a female character model with female voice-over, difficulty options when starting a game, stamina, player skills, sprint swimming for moving faster in water, multiple new sharks, multiple new shipwrecks and more. If you’ve not played for a while, there’s a lot to look forward to when jumping into a new game.

I was very impressed with it when I first properly tried it, great to see on it continuing. The performance is probably what’s most surprising about it. A lot of survival often struggle, but Stranded Deep remains a smooth experience. You can see the full details of what’s new in this post.

You can find it on , it’s worth checking out.

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