Sylvanas Receives a Rework in Heroes of the Storm


Heroes of the Storm Sylvanas Rework

The Banshee Queen is receiving a pretty substantial rework to her existing abilities. A dominating Specialist class hero, Sylvana can easily take over a game if she is left unchecked. Now developer Blizzard is giving her abilities and some talents a rework in of the .

One of the major changes comes in the form of a debuff she can apply to enemy . Called Banshee's Curse, once players obtain the maximum of three stacks that Hero will take increased damage from Sylvanas until the debuff wears off. She can now activate a trait called Black Arrows which will lock structures and minions.

Wither Arrows also received a substantial change, as the skill no longer holds charges. Instead, when triggered Sylvanas will fire a barrage of five arrows that will focus on the nearest enemy hero. Her Shadow Dagger has also been tweaked, requiring the player to hit the afflicted target to spread the dagger's effects.

Finally, her Mind Control Heroic Ability is now a skill shot and will afflict the first Hero hit. All of these changes are clearly designed to make her more versatile in team fights and not just an absurd lane pusher. This is the second major Heroes of the character rework, with Stitches also obtaining some substantial changes. How she will fair is yet to be seen, but using her will require a bit more skill.

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