Temtem Trailer Channels Pokemon Anime, Shows Off Monster Designs

One of the things Pokemon fans have long been eager to see from the series is the ability to explore its world with other players in the vein of a MMO game. Recently it dabbled with this concept with Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area, but many players are still hungry for a proper MMO about collecting creatures and battling fellow trainers. That’s what CremaGames’ new MMO is set to provide starting this week.

Temtem will be launching on Steam Early Access tomorrow, January 21, and in preparation for the big debut, CremaGames has released a new trailer to hype it. Unlike recent trailers, which have detailed how Temtem’s gameplay spices up the traditional Pokemon formula, the latest one is an animated video that briefly illustrates the world players will be able to explore alongside other Temtem “tamers.”

If it wasn’t clear that Temtem wears its influences on its sleeve, the trailer makes it blatantly obvious. The whole thing feels like it an opening title sequence for a Pokemon by design, covering most of the classic Pokemon staples in the process. Along with shots of tamers exploring various locales with a wide variety of Temtems, including Temtem’s starters, there are quick teases of what appear to be the game’s take on gym leaders, Team Rocket-esque antagonists, and grand stadium battles.

That sense of homage extends to the gameplay as well, which, like Pokemon, centers around turn-based combat between Temtems. Where Temtem differs from Pokemon, though, is that all battles are always 2v2, and each Temtem comes with a stamina bar that drains with each move they use, with more powerful moves draining more stamina. Other changes to the Pokemon formula include the removal of RNG-based elements like critical hits, a focus on matching up Temtems with complementary moves for maximum effect, and the option to team up with another player for co-op battles.

From what’s been shown so far, none of these tweaks radically reinvent what Pokemon popularized, but it doesn’t have to. If the success of Pokemon Sword and Shield is any indication, fans haven’t grown tired of a more traditional creature-collecting adventure just yet. Given that, it’s likely that Temtem’s MMO spin will allow it to carve a solid niche for itself among the players who want something a little fresher that they can experience with their friends.

Temtem will come to Steam Early Access on January 21.


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