Tetris Royale is bringing a 100-player battle royale game mode

Remember Tetris? The arcade game where you have to match the shapes of falling objects to fit into the gaps of the objects below? Although many of us might not have played that game for a really long time it was given an addicting take through Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch not too long ago. And now, a battle version is coming out soon for mobile devices.

The Tetris Company and N3TWORK are partnering together to bring Tetris Royale that's a 100-player battle royale take on Tetris 99. Although this won't be the only game mode, the 100-player competitive mode will be the main attraction in the game. Other modes include Solo marathon and classic mode with daily challenges.

Solo marathon mode will allow players to spend endless hours trying to figure out the game and continue as long as they can. The classic mode follows the typical mobile game mechanic where players can stand a chance to win rewards from daily challenges, power-ups, and boosters to be in the game.

Both the companies are partnering for a multi-year deal, so multiple games can be expected from them. All these games will be built for mobile devices for now. Tetris Royale is being developed for Android and iOS with beta testing beginning this year itself. It's going to be available worldwide apart from China and the final version will be released in 2020.

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