The Division 2 Admits Challenging AI is Not Working Correctly

Since it launched last month, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has proven to be another big hit for Ubisoft, with many fans and critics impressed by the smoothness of the launch. Part of that comes from the experience and lessons learned from the previous game, with many of the previous shortcomings resolved for this sequel (read our Division 2 review). Time to kill and enemy behavior were tough to balance in the first game and while things seem to work better in The Division 2, there are some areas of concern.

Why Do Division 2 Enemies Always Charge?

In a lengthy post on Reddit, a user highlights the behaviors of enemies on the higher difficulties like Challenging and Heroic in the recently released World Tier 5 and Tidal Basin mission. On higher difficulties, the player notes that enemies are seemingly aware of their added hit points and durability, choosing to abandon cover in favor of charging the player’s location rather than flak or use cover when under fire.

At the time, it was only a theory that the enemy AI knew its advantages, but Massive Entertainment community developer Chris Gansler has confirmed that there is a bug that is negatively impacting a couple of factors in World Tier 5 and Challenging difficulty. The biggest issue is that the enemy AI is “reading” player health as low and therefore trying to finish them off. Under normal circumstances, a rushing enemy that understands when a player is vulnerable is smart AI, but in this case, the enemies charge no matter what the situation. Thankfully, it’s a known bug that Ubisoft is currently on, though no time frame has been set for a fix.

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Why Do Players Feel So Weak

The survivability of Division 2 players is also a concern for the studio. Gansler confirmed that the studio isn’t looking to nerf anything into the ground, but developers are instead turning to alternative methods like increasing player protection when sprinting and going into cover. Part of this change is to eliminate the feeling that switching cover or repositioning is likely a death sentence.

The launch of World Tier 5 has seemingly caused a number of unforeseen issues for The Division 2 players as well. Posts on social channels and sites like Reddit and YouTube have shown a drop in weapon damage for players that make the jump, though debate rages on as to what could be causing it.

In addition, a recently found exploit has forced Massive to disable daily and weekly projects for the time being, which also impacts players who were looking to earn some of that new gear. Lastly, loot has been a big topic for the community, as many players have been a bit disappointed by receiving items that drop with a lower than expected gear score.

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