The Last of Us Fan Creates Amazing Custom PS5 Faceplates

An artist designs a stunning, custom based on The Last of Us, customizing both the faceplates and the console itself.

Ever since the reveal of the PlayStation 5 last year, one unifying question in fans’ minds is whether they could switch out the console’s faceplates. The striking white design has been controversial for many, with a retailer by the name of CMP Shells even managing to set up an entire store dedicated to replacing them for players who weren’t keen on their eye-catching look.

Some fans have since designed alternate faceplates to fit onto their own PlayStation 5 consoles, however, few can boast the level of intricate detail found on Instagram user Retro Licker’s custom The Last of Us  console. The artist’s design replicates the post-apocalyptic look of Naughty Dog’s action-adventure series perfectly, decorating the console’s faceplate to resemble the overgrown architecture that litters the game’s world.

Both plates are made to look as though they’re constructed with moss-covered brick, with Retro Licker even making the design look weathered. One side has The Last of Us’ title etched into it, and other has the Fireflies’ symbol, making for a pretty recognizable pairing for fans of the game. Finally, the artist customizes the center of the console contained between the plates, making it appear wooden while also etching the game’s title into it. The design is a love letter to the franchise and one of the most impressive custom consoles making the rounds online.

Speaking on designing it, Retro Licker claims they’ve had the idea for the console in their mind for quite some time now, having to sit and dwell on it ever since they ordered their PlayStation 5. They also claim it was a tough project to work on, citing that it was stressful to bring together but, in their eyes, “It’s all or nothing, go big or go home.” They allegedly have some fresh projects in the works now they’re done with the console, and after seeing this, there’s sure to be more fans watching eagerly.

As for The Last of Us, the series had a big year during 2020, returning with a long-awaited sequel 7 years after the release of the original game. While it definitely divided opinion online due to some controversial story beats, The Last of Us 2 went on to be a huge success, selling millions of copies and earning several major awards. Its plot saw Ellie return for a new adventure, this time embarking upon a mission to the ruins of Seattle in search of a mysterious woman named Abby. As the two become locked on a violent collision course, they must fight through several factions vying to claim post-apocalyptic Seattle for their own.

The Last of Us is out now on PlayStation 4.

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