The Sims 4 hits 30 million players with massive pandemic bump

The 4 launched back in 2014, but it has had amazing legs. The life-simulation game has seen tremendous growth this year alone. Back in January, EA noted that The 4 had over 20 million . This means the game has reached 10 million new people this year.

That boost comes as quarantined gamers flock to The Sims. It lets players create their own houses and then populate it with avatars representing themselves, friends, and families. These days, seeing you and your acquaintances gathered together for even a virtual party can be a comfort.

The 4 also launched on Steam in June. Coming to the largest PC digital store gave the game a boost as well.

EA has kept The Sims relevant and profitable through expansions and other content bundles. The latest and ninth expansion, Eco Lifestyles, released on June 5.

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