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Pokemon GO-inspired AR game The Walking Dead: Our World has been out for a little over a week now, giving the servers plenty of time to stabilize and letting players kill a ton of zombies. In the game, players are able to team up with familiar characters from the TV show, including lead character Rick Grimes, though some may be wondering how exactly they can add the popular leader to their zombie-killing squad.

In The Walking Dead: Our World, the most recognizable survivors are typically featured as legendary cards, or otherwise high-tier cards that are still fairly difficult to unlock. This means that unlocking Rick Grimes or other survivors in the game isn’t an exact science, but there are a few ways players can do it.

The first way, and likely the least appealing method for many players, is by spending money on the game to purchase more cards. Another way is by completing high level infestations, which are three-tier missions where players have to clear out all the zombies in a single area. And finally, players can potentially unlock Rick Grimes by completing weekly challenges, which tends to be the best way to get legendary cards in the game in general.

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Some special survivors and heroes can be unlocked by leveling up as well. For example, players can unlock cards for Carl, Morgan, and Glenn when they hit level 7. However, Rick Grimes does not have a card that players can earn by leveling up at the time of this writing, so the only way to unlock him is by sticking to the three aforementioned methods.

Some may be wondering why unlocking Rick Grimes should be a priority in The Walking Dead: Our World, and it’s actually quite simple. There are numerous instances where weekly challenges require players to kill off zombies with specific partners, and since Rick Grimes is one of the rarer heroes players can unlock, it could put a group’s weekly challenge progress at a standstill if they get a challenge involving him.

While players grind for cards in search of Rick Grimes and other heroes, they should be sure to join a large group so that even if they don’t have Rick, others can still help complete the weekly challenges for them.

The Walking Dead: Our World is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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