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Following the closure of Telltale Games, the fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Season seemed grim. The heartbreaking layoff of the Telltale staff meant that Clementine’s story would not have an ending, and fans would be left in the air about the future of the Telltale protagonist. However, Skybound Games, a division of Skybound Entertainment, has come to an agreement with Telltale Games to Clementine the ending she deserves. Skybound will continue the game to see it to completion.

The announcement came in the midst of New Comic-Con, where Skybound founder and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman gave the announcement. Kirkman confirmed that Skybound would finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season with members of the original Telltale staff. With Skybound taking over development and publishing of the game, fans will thankfully be able to finish Clementine’s story, fears put to rest.

Skybound and Telltale’s agreement comes after weeks of shocking news from Telltale. What first seemed like standard layoffs quickly turned into a company shutdown, leaving many fans wondering what would happen to the unfinished The Walking Dead season and the other IPs owned by Telltale. Things were looking grim for The Walking Dead: The Final Season when it was removed from digital stores following the initial closure announcement, but positive developments have followed since. Unfortunately, while The Walking Dead is getting its finale, the same cannot be said for games like The Wolf Among Us and Telltale’s Batman.

Fortunately, it seems that Skybound will be able to pick up where Telltale left off, since The Walking Dead: The Final Season was nearly finished at the time of the studio’s closure. According to an anonymous source, the third episode was nearly complete and the fourth had already recorded some of the voice-over. Following the second episode, many fans were left wondering what would happen next and soon they will have their answer.

While Skybound and Telltale have made no mention as to when the next episode for The Walking Dead: The Final Season will come out, fans can rest easy knowing that Clementine’s story is not yet done and they can look forward to continuing the story with Skybound at the helm.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 3 has no set release date.

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