The Witcher 3: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Signs For

Geralt can use various magic spells called signs in 3. These signs have so much different uses that many don’t know them all.

The game The Witcher 3 offers a lot of things to do. The players can focus on Geralt’s romances with countless women, building friendships with others, or traveling and seeing various places that the vast world has to offer. However, most players will probably be interested in taking down the countless enemies Geralt encounters throughout the game, whether they’re after Ciri or are just a part of the witcher contracts Geralt takes on.

Fighting monsters, bandits, and witch hunters is no easy task. Luckily, Geralt can not only rely on his swords but also on the five signs, each of which has a different effect. However, there are also some ways on how to use them that aren’t as well-known.

Making Foglets Visible

Foglets are ugly and dangerous beasts. They move fast and usually move around in a pack. but they can also make themselves invisible and attack Geralt when he least expects it. However, there’s a trick on how to knock them back into the visible state – use Aard on them and they will become visible which will then give Geralt the opportunity to strike them down.

Hunting Animals

With the exception of the killer rabbit, the animals in the game are usually fairly normal, albeit not harmless. Geralt can strike them down with his sword or he can choose a more distant approach and use Igni to get himself a dinner. The burst of flame is enough to kill smaller animals and Geralt can easily collect raw meat this way which will then serve him as a way to restore his health.

Protection From A Large Group Of Enemies

The Yrden sign is most commonly used against incorporeal monsters, such as wraiths and noonwraiths who can only be struck once they enter the circle. However, not every player might know that they can also use an upgraded version of the sign to protect themselves against a large number of enemies, including humans. That can come in handy when storming a place filled with bandits or when Geralt fights the witch hunters who often battle him collectively.

An Unusual Umbrella

One of the go-to signs that the players often like to use is the Quen sign. This comes handy when fighting not only a large group of opponents but also those who are slow but extremely strong (such as golems, for example).

But, from a more casual point of view, the Quen shield can also be used as an umbrella since it deflects raindrops from Geralt. So if the player doesn’t want Geralt to get wet in the rain, Quen will help.

Remove Toxic Gas

Geralt visits all sorts of places in the game and not all of them are civilized and pretty. Once he strays off the main road, there’s a fair chance of coming across a monster – or even poisonous gases. The latter happens in swamps most of the time. Geralt can either try to dodge the clouds of gases or he can use the Aard sign against them in order to not suffer any damage to his health.

Knocking Enemies Off Their Horses

Geralt isn’t the only one who rides horses in The Witcher 3. Peasants are most likely to be found walking around but bandits and richer people will have their own horse. Fighting enemies who are sitting on horseback isn’t easy but luckily, Geralt can use multiple signs to strike them down and finish them off. Aard, Igni, and Axii will all come in handy in this scenario. Geralt can also use Axii to tame wild horses and ride them.

Looting Bee Hives

Geralt can loot various places in the game but some of them aren’t as easily accessible as others. One of the more difficult areas is beehives. If Geralt tries to loot them, the bees will hurt him.

However, he can use Igni against the beehives to stop the bees. Afterward, it’s only a question of a few moments for Geralt to loot the beehive and possibly get something useful to add to his inventory.

Cause Panic Among The Enemies

Igni is a particularly useful sign. Not only does it work against many enemies, almost all of them, really, but it also can help when Geralt faces a larger group of people. He can burn one by one from a distance and stay far from them so that they won’t hit him with their swords. Another use it has is the cause of panic among his enemies. When Geralt burns someone, they can start panicking and they will no longer attack him which, in return, will make it easy for him to kill them with one blow.

Melting Armor

Speaking of Igni, the sign is also useful when fighting a number of armored enemies – or even just one, depending on the situation. If Geralt’s enemies wear armors, it’s harder to kill them. But when the player upgrades Igni, they can get the ability to melt the armor off. Geralt can then use his swords and take care of the rest. Igni can also help if the enemy is holding a shield in his hand but it’s not a rule, it doesn’t happen every time.

Control The Mind Of Others

Finally, it’s likely that some players will know it if they spent a lot of time playing the game and discovering everything it can do – but Geralt also has the opportunity to influence other people’s minds in dialogues and make them see his way to do what he wants them to do. That way, he can avoid some unnecessary fights. However, he first has to upgrade the Axii sign to a higher level before he can use this particular skill – called Delusion. That’s why it’s worth investing the points into Axii as soon as possible.

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