Three Powerful Loadouts For Call of Duty: Warzone’s M4A1

A good loadout can make the difference between life and death in Call of Duty: Warzone. A well-balanced gun can become a vital tool midmap. In Warzone, player loadouts can become even more vital after squad members respawn, or if a player’s squad lands in a bad zone.

The best loadout for any weapon is one that has been thoroughly thought through. Many players fall victim to copy and pasted loadout builds, but this Warzone fan has their own flair for what matters. With his advice, players may discover that the is their key to victory.

Budding YouTuber Macgaming outlines several key components that any M4A1 user should keep in mind. Macgaming recommends the Monolithic Suppressor, Stock M16 Grenadier, Tac Laser, and the 60 Round Magazine. He believes that these should be standard for any M4A1 build. The first priority is to make sure that shots fired are as quiet as possible. This is paramount in most battle royale modes making a suppressor a necessity. Many of the pros agree with Macgaming’s selection as the Monolithic Suppressor provides additional damage range while silencing shots fired.

The two standard barrels to use on the M4A1 are the Stock M16 Grenadier and the Corvus Custom Marksman. Although many players advocate for no barrel, Macgaming pushes for the additional range and recoil control as a must-have for the M4A1 build. The Tac Laser adds in additional stability for long-range engagements making up for the range deficit in the default gun. This makes it much easier to stay on target while ADSing in combat and still improves the accuracy of long-range fire. The 60 round magazine simply gives players a chance to survive in longer gunfights without worrying about running out of ammunition. More bullets are generally better in a gunfight. These core components build the M4A1 loadout into the weapon that it is.

Once players have the standard setup they can then begin to variant into three distinct builds. This last attachment slot is what gives the gun the variety it needs while still maintaining the core setup. Macgaming made a prior video advocating this core build as the best M4A1 setup possible and explains his thinking in detail there.

The first variant adds in the Commando Foregrip. This attachment is another staple of the competitive meta as it adds in recoil stabilization along with additional aiming stability. This makes the gun extremely accurate with minimal recoil allowing players to “beam” enemies from far distances in a short amount of time.

For longer range, Macgaming recommends removing the foregrip and instead adding a VLK 3.0x Optic. This optic gives players a zoomed-in view and is another standard for most assault rifles. With the tac laser adding in the stability players can have a steady scope to take down targets at long range.

The last variant takes away the stock which increases movement speed and increased aiming down sight speed. This creates the hybrid M4A1 and makes it run more of a close-range weapon designed for fast engagements. While still maintaining the power of the core build, this change offers the mobility of an SMG.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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