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When Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 76 will have multiplayer gameplay, many fans of the franchise were surprised. The series is known for the quality of its single-player story campaigns and so the decision to offer online multiplayer would be a huge shift. Some fans were also concerned about the addition of the feature and what it could mean for the franchise. But they weren’t the only ones feeling worried, as the Fallout 76 development team is worried too.

In an interview, Bethesda Games Studios director and creative producer Todd Howard revealed that the team is “sometimes afraid of doing [multiplayer], as much as our fans are afraid of us doing it.” Howard and the rest of the Fallout 76 team seems keenly aware of fans’ concerns about the multiplayer gameplay, explaining that “We want to be careful with our fans and other people who ask, ‘Is this what Fallout is for ever now?’” But the developer states that Fallout 76 is “definitely its own thing” and that the team has “got to try new things,” with the multiplayer gameplay being prime example.


The apprehension from both fans and the development team is understandable. Just one new factor that the developers have to deal with is how the game holds up from a technical point of view. A Fallout 76 beta will be held ahead of the game’s launch and this will help to fix any problems before they become too disastrous. Though, in a sprawling world like this, there may be plenty of bugs than don’t even turn up in a beta. Other Fallout games have had their fair share of bugs but fixing issues as soon as they arise, on a live service, will be a new challenge for the team.

Fans, meanwhile, will be concerned that the always-online, multiplayer element of Fallout 76 will dilute what the Fallout franchise is about. Fans are already concerned about the fact that the game lets players fire nukes at each other, which some argue is antithetical to “nukes are bad” messaging of the series’ single-player titles. Moreover, the game will also ditch human NPCs, as any human that players come across in the game will be a human-controlled character. Fans have loved the NPC interactions in previous Fallout games so this will again be another big change.

As Howard notes, though, the change could be good for the series. While Fallout 76‘s multiplayer will be a risk, the development team has been flirting with the concept for years, having once planned to add multiplayer in Fallout 4. The development team is finally getting to bring its idea to life and there’s not long to wait to see how it comes to fruition.

Fallout 76 is set to launch on November 14, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Guardian

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