Top 50 Free Offline Games For Android & iOS

Playing games on mobile without any distractions is something most of us are always on the lookout! But sometimes even if you have found a safe haven to play your favourite game, the most annoying thing happens- your internet pack gets dried up and you get disconnected from the game servers. This is an issue with most of the modern games which require an active internet connection.

To save you from such situations, here I have compiled a varied of list games which could be played both on Android, as well as iOS without any internet connection requirement at all times.

From arcade games to puzzles, quizzes, RPG, racing etc. check out these games.

Best Games For Android and iOS

You can find these games in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Here I have listed the best games to play offline irrespective of the genre.


Double hands down, Badland is the best offline game out there, free of cost. Calling itself as an action adventure game Badland offers mindblowing visuals, game design and an superb gameplay which even very few paid games can match.

Shadow Fight 2

Want action? cool graphics? and superb soundtrack? then Shadow Fight 2 is your thing. Theis classic one-on-one styled fighting game will keep you engaged for days with its hardcore artistic and combat combination.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is no stranger to most gamers in the world. A revolutionary games which have hijacked our lives to fullest. And this mobile version of the game can make your dull breaks into a creative festival.

For those “poor” souls who don’t about Minecraft: This is a game which lets its players build their own digital worlds from scratch. You can create worlds like Westeros from Game of Thrones, and Hogwarts from Harry Potter franchise or create your hometown and let things run wild. There is no limitation.

Plants vs Zombies 2

One of the oldest games in this list, Plants vs Zombies is a crazy adventure game which will make you fall in love with vegetables at least in the virtual space. You get to fight hungry zombies, with you having no guns but vegies with magical powers.

Infinity Loop

Unlike most puzzle games which follow monotonous patterns, Infinity Loop stands apart with something totally refreshing and challenging. Players have to create intricate looping patterns or just connect “multiple things” with increasing difficulty levels.

Six Guns: Gang Showdown

The era of wild west is considered the most badass phase in American history. Raging horses, blazing guns and bloodthirsty enemies, this sums up Six Guns: Gang Showdown. You get to fight bandits, outlaws, vampires, zombies, you just name every evil concept in existence.

This is the ultimate car racing game which you can’t afford to miss. You will go nuts knowing the possibilities of how a car racing game turns into a wild fantasy. It features a wide range of beastly vehicles which gets unlocked with each mission.

Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Even you if haven’t watched the movie series “Despicable Me” you might have seen these yellow coloured cute little goofballs called “Minions” anyhow. Everybody loves Minions- grownups, kids, and my grandparents too.

This movie game adaptation is set in an old-school fashion with numerous different stages and collectables to grab with time-to-time attacks from evil villains. This game is among the top-rated free offline games both in iOS and Android platforms.

Hill Climb Racing 2

If you like going on chill out rides, Hill Climb Racing 2 could be the best fun-filled game out there. The game features a very simple struture but with a twits of stunts and filps makes it very addictive.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Physics might not have been your thing in your educational adventures but this game can change your entire point of view about the subject. Brain It On! is a brilliant game which combines physics and puzzles for the smartest minds out there.

Players get to draw shapes to solve stages which work based on the principles of gravity, weight etc.

Best Puzzle Games For Android and iOS

Science has it that playing puzzles can increase brain’s cognitive abilities or at least keep it intact. Both Android and iOS market is flooded with countless puzzle games based on memory, problem-solving skills and critical thing etc.

The following are the top rated puzzle games which could provide you mind-bending experience.

1- Unblock Me

2 – Cut the Rope: Experiments Free

3 – Mekorama – Wifi Free Game

4 – 2048

Quiz/Trivia Games For iOS and Android

If you are into quizzing or just love words and trivia, then there is nothing better than quiz based games on Android and iOS. These games are quite different from puzzle games but they still require a minimum aptitude.

Check out these top-rated quiz based games:

1. 4 Pics 1 Word

2. Word Cookies

3. Quizoid: Trivia Quiz 2018

Free Arcade Games For iOS and Android

Arcade games are cool, fun, and full of surprises, playing them on mobile phones is a whole new experience. Here I have listed the top rated games on both Android and iOS platforms. You may find few of these games as a thing for hipsters but I may assure that every game on this list has a unique and crazy theme behind them.

1. Hungry Shark Evolution

2. Doodle Jump

3. Duet

4. Crossy Roads

5. Fruit Ninja

6. Jetpack Joyride

7. Smash Hit

8. Monster Dash

9. Epic Skater

10. Brothers in Arms® 3

Offline Simulator Games For iOS and Android

Simulation games give you the virtual power to step into someone else’s life, doing their job and living their world for a change. These games are often very time consuming and require a lot of dedication. But they are worth it.

Simulation games have proven to be meant for goal-oriented people provided they don’t spend their 24 hours playing it!

Following are the best simulation games you can play on both iOS, and Android.

1. Townsmen

2. Plague Inc.

3. Dragon Mania

Free Action Adventure Offline Games For iOS & Android

Playing Action adventure games gives a sort of adrenaline rush for big-time gamers like me. Firstly, they are cool, artistic, and had to be played super fast. If one of those people who can easliy get bored then action adventure games are your thing.

But it’s hard to find interesting action adventure games which can be played offline. Here are few of the best games which require no internet access.

1. Swamp Attack

2. Alto’s Adventure

3. Temple Run

4. Sea Battle 2

Free Racing Games For iOS and Android

Most mobile gamers would agree with me that the best and fastest way to kill your time while enjoying yourself can be achieved by playing racing games. With gyro sensors available on every mobile phone these days, playing racing games have become very gripping and gives a realistic feel to it.

Below you can some of the best games which can be played offline.

1. Traffic Rider

2. CSR Racing 2

3. Asphalt Nitro

4. Earn to Die 2

5. Racing Moto

Free Fun Games For Android and iOS 

This is my personal favourite game genre as these games require the least amount of your attention and still are a lot of fun. I play fun games mostly with friends with some betting involved. They are easy and can be played anywhere, like, in the toilet, while sleeping and most importantly in the classroom.

Casual games come with a quirky soundtrack which gives them a funny theme. Bonus: Most of these games can be played with a single hand.

Following are the best fun games that are available on both Android and IOS platforms.

1. Make More!

2. Smurfs’ Village

3. Angry Birds 2

Free Offline Roleplaying Games For Android and iOS

Roleplaying games have been dominant in the PC, Xbox, PS etc market. They are interesting, have amazing storylines and require a lost patience. Because of big memory requirements, RPGs have been struggling in the mobile platforms but with the increased rams in most devices have boosted their production.

Check out these games for an amazing experience.

1. Pixel Dungeon

2. SoulCraft – Action RPG

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