Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx Multiple Bans Explained

Though Indiefoxx’s six brief throughout 2021 may seem redundant and pointless, more recent news may shed some light on her future with .

At the helm of most sexual content found on Twitch, Indiefoxx is one of the platform’s most controversial personalities. Throughout 2021, she’s gained traction by monetizing her body on the Amazon-owned platform, which many take issue with due to the number of teens and kids using the site.

These controversies have largely lead to several short-term bans, though many big names such as xQc and Asmongold have theorized that Indiefoxx and Amouranth will never be hit with a long-term or permanent ban due to “preferential treatment.” Still, with the number of she’s accrued and the light of recent news, it’s more possible than ever that Indiefoxx’s Twitch career may be coming to an end.

Indiefoxx’s Hot Tub and ASMR Streams

Bans, a popular site and Twitter account used to track the bans of Twitch streamers, has been following Indiefoxx since July 2019, but it’s only more recently that frequent bans have become an issue for Indiefoxx. While Amouranth and Indiefoxx may not have been the first streamers to start sexualized hot tub streams, using a loophole in Twitch’s Terms of Service to their advantage, they were the two most popular content creators to do so, also meaning being hit with more bans than most.

The first ban occurred on January 28th of this year, shortly followed by another three-day ban on February 1st for the same reason: sexually explicit content. While Twitch’s guidelines allow content creators to stream in swimwear while at the pool or beach, it forbids streamers to maintain focus on inappropriate parts of their bodies. Twitch doesn’t publicly announce the reasons for banning its users, this is presumably the reason for each one of Indiefoxx’s temporary punishments so far.

After that, Indiefoxx was banned again four more times for similar reasons, once on February 24th for only a day, and again on April 6th, June 18th, and June 28th. While the most recent yoga ASMR ban length hasn’t been made official, a rumor is currently circulating that she may be banned indefinitely this time.

Will Indiefoxx Ever Be Permanently Banned on Twitch?

Though Indiefoxx has been continually banned for the same reasons again and again, she hasn’t received any further punishment, at least, not until recently. Indiefoxx has just lost her partnership with Twitch, the most discipline Twitch has given to its large NSFW content creators like Amouranth, who was demonetized in the heat of the hot tub meta, but this decision was later reverted. This is likely Twitch taking action for users skirting the guidelines.

For reference, Twitch partnership allows creators to accrue some of the platform’s revenue, based on user subscriptions, bits, and ads. Losing partnership with Twitch is similar to demonetization, putting a huge blow on that source of income.

But the question of whether or not Indiefoxx will ever be permanently banned remains. This is a common criticism of Asmongold and xQc, who was banned for playing a sexual game that showed a nude woman. He uses this as an example of why Indiefoxx and Amouranth “deserve” to be permanently banned. Similarly, Asmongold believes that the two women have received preferential treatment that the male streamers don’t get.

But the case of Indiefoxx’s lost partnership is curious. A fan figured out this was the case by datamining, and both returns for “Affiliate” and “Partner” turned up as false. Additionally, while she normally jokes about bans on Twitch being “vacations,” she’s been silent on Twitter since the 28th, and some are taking this to mean that something more serious may have happened. Twitch is often criticized for its lack of consistency when enforcing rules, but this could be the step many have been hoping to see and a warning sign for others.

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