Twitch’s Flourishing Just Chatting Category Entices Brands to the Platform

On a seemingly endless wall of video options for thousands of viewers in dozens of languages, people do makeup, dodge buses and cook dinner. But mostly, they just sit and talk to the camera. In others, it’s business as usual for’s flourishing Just .

Twitch started as a home for video games, and that is still its core identity. But ever since Amazon bought the livestreaming website in 2014 for nearly $1 billion, the site has expanded into live sporting events and other non-gaming opportunities. The biggest non-gaming category is now Just Chatting the cover photo of a latte and a microphone sitting among Fortnite, League of Legends and World of Warcraft as the most consistently popular categories on Twitch which is helping entice brands to the .

Just Chatting was introduced in 2018 when Twitch broke its IRL (In Real Life) section into subcategories. Few of those categories have gained a foothold, and Just Chatting has effectively become IRL-lite, though it has been freed from the negative connotation often associated with the Wild West early days of IRL. It opens up opportunities for brands like MAC Cosmetics to connect with the Twitch audience, even when they aren’t as endemic to the gaming space.

“At our core, MAC is a culture brand, not just a beauty brand,” Cary Neer, MAC’s executive director of global integrated communications, said. “We tap into the communities of art, fashion, music and pop culture to create conversations larger than just beauty and this really speaks to the Just Chatting category.”

At TwitchCon in late September, MAC Cosmetics had one of the largest displays. Two models stood in the middle, painted head to toe like they just walked off of James Cameron’s Avatar set. Around them, streamers received makeup tutorials from MAC makeup artists. Sophia “Djarii” White, a streamer specializing in makeup and body art, observed the display from the second floor of a nearby booth.

In September, TwitchCon attendees flooded MAC Cosmetics’ booth.


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