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In its to put an end to what it calls “malicious automation”, Twitter has made some changes to its in order to stop bad apps from joining its platforms. Additionally, the platform is now also giving users an option to ‘report a bad app’ in Twitter’s Help Centre.

The bad apps would essentially be the ones that produce spam or result in an invasion of users’ privacy.

Twitter has announced that from now on, all who are requesting access to Twitter’s standard APIs for the first time, will have to go through a new app registration process. This registration process has existed for a while, but earlier it was only for requesting first-time access to Twitter’s premium APIs.

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The registration process requires developers to provide detailed information about how they intend to use Twitter’s APIs, and how the proposed use case will make being on Twitter a better experience for users.

“While this change adds a few steps and some additional time to the process of getting started with access to our APIs, we’re committed to supporting all developers who want to build high-quality, policy-compliant experiences using our developer platform and APIs, while reducing the impact of bad actors on our service,” the Twitter blog read.

Further, the blog post also reveals that eventually, developers with existing access to the APIs will also have to go through the registration process. Twitter hasn’t exactly revealed a timeline for that, but it does mention that it would be giving developers a 90 day heads up before implementing the new process.

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Twitter also revealed that, in the past three months, it removed the platform access of more than 143,000 apps that violated its policies.

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