Ubisoft debuts Uplay+ game subscription service for Windows

that its + game service is now available for Windows PCs for $15 a month.

The service has a free trial lasting from September 3 to September 30, giving players unlimited access to download more than 100 games, including new releases, the latest games, back catalog, premium editions, and additional content packs.

Uplay+ subscribers will automatically be included in beta and early access programs for upcoming titles, including the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint closed beta, which starts on September 5.

Uplay+ subscribers will be able to play the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ultimate Edition on October 1 with three-day early access.

Uplay+ subscribers will have access to a growing catalog of more than 100 Ubisoft games, spanning more than 4,000 hours of gameplay and representing 25 franchises and more than 40 premium editions. For the full list of games visit uplayplus.com.

“We’re committed to providing players the freedom to choose how they want to access their favorite classic, new and upcoming games from our catalog,” said Panagrossi, vice president of platform and product management, in a statement. “In September, PC players will have the opportunity to jump in and test out Uplay+ at no cost to experience the value for themselves.”

Ubisoft will compete with other game companies such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Sony to provide the “Netflix of games” for players, just as Disney is competing with Netflix to provide subscription movie services. Uplay+ will also be on Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service in 2020, but it’s not clear how both companies intend to charge players for subscriptions, as both services will charge customers.

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