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Ever since it launched, Rainbow Six Siege has grown in ways few titles have ever done before. With a consistently growing player base and a rapidly expanding eSports circuit, 's multiplayer Tom Clancy title has solidified its place in history as a successful 5-on-5 tactical shooter.

That doesn't mean the studio hasn't experimented with other Rainbow Six Siege game modes, though: Ubisoft released a timed PVE mode called Outbreak earlier this year, allowing co-op squads of 3 to fight against otherworldly monsters in a way that somehow blended in the Siege universe.

Now Outbreak has come and gone, leaving behind exclusive cosmetics and fond memories for those who played it, and Siege has returned to being an almost exclusively 5-on-5 multiplayer game. It now has only one sole storyline-based online mission, terrorist mode, and a handful of training experiences that provide a break from the usual online grind. With the only significant PVE mode growing further in the rear-view mirror, we asked Ubisoft if the studio is taking what it learned from Outbreak and cooking up something new for fans.

Here's the official response:

We had a lot of fun with Outbreak. It's a way to introduce something that isn't operator or map specific, which keeps things fresh. We're still thinking of ways to do that in future seasons, for sure.

Ubisoft is currently in its third year of post-launch , with Operation Grim Sky due to arrive within the next few weeks. After that, there's only one more season of content left for 2018 which will introduce two Moroccan operators a new map. This means that any potential PVE content that Ubisoft introduces will take place in Year Four or beyond.

Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak event will bring cosmetics-only loot boxes to the game

Outbreak was the first of the Year 3 content to arrive in March of this year after having been revealed in November of last year, which means a similar announcement and release pattern could be in the cards for this fall.

Ubisoft isn't just looking towards completely new game modes when it keeping things from getting stale, either: the studio has now confirmed that more huge map reworks like Hereford Base will take place in future seasons. As more operators and abilities are introduced to the game, it makes sense that competitive maps will need significant updates to stay balanced.

It's not known what existing maps will get these huge overhauls, so fans will likely have to wait until November or December of this year to find out exactly what Ubisoft has planned for its fourth year of content.

In any case, both new PVE gameplay and full map reworks are on the cards, and that's exciting food for thought.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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