Warzone Season 5 Trailer May Be Teasing Five Player Squads

Call of Duty: ’s 5 trailer may be teasing that the new update will bring with it a playlist that allows five-man squads.

Call of Duty: Warzone saw a new Season 5 trailer released yesterday in preparation for the update officially dropping tomorrow on August 5. It displayed some of the new Warzone map changes that Infinity Ward has been teasing for a while now, such as the opening of the stadium and the addition of loot trains.

However, a closer look at the Warzone Season 5 trailer reveals more beneath the surface. As it stands now, the Warzone player limit goes up to four-person squads, but one eagle-eyed fan noticed that the trailer might confirm that Season 5 will introduce five-person squads to Warzone‘s playlists, allowing players to bring one additional buddy along for the carnage.

The detail was first brought to the internet’s attention by Bains187 over on the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit. He posted a screenshot that captured one of the scenes in the trailer that showed five characters riding in a helicopter together. The scene takes place right after the Shadow Company blows Verdansk’s Stadium’s skylight open and descend into it.

It’s important to note that this was more of a story-focused trailer rather than a gameplay one. Infinity Ward could have taken several creative liberties here that aren’t true representations of how the game plays in actuality. The developer could just be showing off the members of the Shadow Company and how they operate.

On the other hand, Call of Duty: Warzone getting 5-man squads was teased earlier this year. Infinity Ward co-studio head Patrick Kelly talked about how the developer was experimenting with four and five-player squads in an interview with USA Today. Warzone Season 3 brought the four-player squads to the table, so it’s certainly possible that the five-player squads will come with Season 5.

If a five-player squad playlist does turn out to be real, it will have an increased Warzone lobby of 200 players, with 40 different teams running and gunning around Verdansk. This would mean Call of Duty: Warzone would have one of the highest players counts available for a single match in a battle-royal game, which is impressive.

If Quins does come to Warzone with Season 5, there’s no guarantee that it will be available at launch. There are only a few hours left before players find that out for sure, though. In the meantime, players can download the Warzone Season 5 file ahead of its launch. If they do, they can start playing the update immediately once it comes out.

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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