COD: Warzone team banned on $250k event after cheating Scandal

The cheating scandal hit rivals COD: A scene leading the £ 180,000 ($ 250,000) banned team to the Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone event on January 21.

The trio team, consisting of METZY_B, krypric_j0ker and Unifyz players, was disqualified for cheating by a number of Warzone’s veteran rivals.

The official Twitch Rivals Twitter account reported on January 22 that the METZY_B team was removed from the event due to a decision to cheat.

Among the people who investigated the allegations were top 100 top-notch Warzone players, Tommy. Footage of his comment on the METZY_B game was posted on Dextero’s Twitch account, where Tommey said he caught the scam “within 4K”.

Since METZY_B is playing with the Pad on the computer, some automatic targeting is to be expected, but those who have analyzed the footage have found that it is very powerful and accurate.

Many players and spectators contacted the event participants and this team was destroyed. As reported dextero The host of the event, Aleppo ‘WavePunk’ Simmons’, was present at the tournament and beyond, based on evidence from a variety of sources. [Twitch has] found out [their] the game was definitely unnatural. “

Since the tournament ended, Tommey has denied allegations of METZY cheating in a series of tweets, saying “it was simply not enough to express my opinion.”

As a measure of goodwill, he also said that METZY would like to take his tournament earnings from Tommey’s earnings, but was quick to say “he didn’t drive him out of the tournament” and who the reports came from. other people than him.

Overall, the response to the incident and allegations of cheating has been very negative, as the game has repeatedly claimed that there are not enough measures against cheats for tournaments. FaZe’s Nickmercs said on Twitter that it felt Warzone Tournaments was “impossible anymore”.

Warzone have had problems with cheating in the past. In October 2020, Activision banned 20,000 accounts from using EngineOw’s scam, the latest in a series of banning bans since last April.

It also reported that other players were “shaded” even though they weren’t cheating, which saw the players, but in the “brackets of the cheaters” play more than 15 minutes in the next round against legitimate fraudsters.

Recently, Call of Duty’s long-serving “Soap” McTavaish was known as a future operator for both Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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