Watch how Valve’s Knuckles controllers work with Lone Echo and Fallout 4 VR | Gaming

Here’s a video of one of VR’s best games being played with its most promising new controllers.

Brian Lindenhof, a VR developer best known for his work on Climbey, has uploaded a video of him playing Ready at Dawn’s Oculus Rift exclusive, Lone Echo, using the Revive app. The new controllers, which were shipped out to developers earlier this month, seem to work pretty perfectly with the game, right down to replicating Oculus Touch’s limited finger tracking (but obviously not providing the full extent of Knuckles’ own finger tracking).

Lindenhof also has an older video of himself using the Knuckles with Bethesda’s Fallout 4 VR (after failed attempts to boot up Skyrim in VR). There’s a bit of tweaking at the start of both videos but, at the very least, Knuckles seems to be more than capable of imitating the controllers that have come before it.

Of course, it’s difficult to judge just how improved the experience is without seeing a game that natively supports Knuckles. Right now the only app to do that is Valve’s own demo for the controllers, set in its Portal universe.

We don’t yet know when and how Valve plans to ship Knuckles out to VR fans, nor how much they’ll cost. Hopefully with kits now in developer’s hands, though, it won’t be too much longer.

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