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By Alex Donaldson,
Monday, 20 August 2018 16:40 GMT

is kicking off the events around 2018 in Cologne , Germany with a big event of their own – and it’s likely to be the debut of highly anticipated new graphics technology.

The event is taking place today, August 20 at 6pm CET – the local time in Germany. That’s 5pm in the UK, midday for EST and 9am PST.

It’ll feature new hands-on demos of games running on Nvidia hardware, and Nvidia is teasing some further “surprises” – though those who have been following goings on over the last few weeks know that new GPUs and the associated are right around the corner.

We’ve embedded the Twitch livestream below.

live video from NVIDIA on

Nvidia boss Jensen Huang will deliver the speech at the event, but there’s sure to be reveals at the event, too. Last year’s Nvidia event at gamescom saw the company announce the PC port of Final Fantasy 15, for instance, with Square Enix and Nvidia entering into a close-knit partnership to develop technology for that game.

People will be watching this next generation of graphics hardware closely, of course – not only will it determine the near-future for PC gaming, but it’ll also give a glimpse at what next generation consoles might be angling towards.

We’re live on the ground at gamescom as well, reporting in-depth as we always do – so stick around for the news, or watch the livestream directly up above.

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