When Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 End and Season 4 Begin?

Season 3 of Call of : Modern Warfare may have just started, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what Season 4 might bring in the not too distant future.

The massively popular game from Infinity Ward is dominating sales and download charts with both the core Modern Warfare experience, and the free-to-play battle royale Warzone. The game is rolling into Season 3 having introduced a trio of maps to the standard multiplayer mode, and a new Battle Pass for those looking to unlock a few extra guns and a range of cosmetic items. In Warzone, teams of four have been added to the mix in the form of the Quads playlist. More content will roll out as Season 3 progresses, but those looking ahead have an approximate date to mark on the calendar for Season 4.

While the date being reported is speculative, June 2nd or 3rd is a fairly safe bet for the sun to set on Season 3 and the dawn of Season 4 to crest the horizon. This is when the Season 3 Battle Pass is scheduled to end, and previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seasons have tended to be 8 weeks in length, so if the pattern holds, it should end around this time. So as fans chew on the newly introduced Stir Crazy and Scopes and Scatterguns playlists, some ideas about Season 4 are starting to circulate.

Dataminers have found a few tidbits in the game’s files that potentially reveal upcoming content for Season 4. The work done by these digital sleuths has uncovered the Takedown, Borderline and Faridah maps, as well as a host of Operators including Kilgore, Kato, and Lynch who are yet to appear in the game. Redditor Senescallo found these way back before Season 1, and some of the Operators found then have since appeared in the game, so the names still on the list might make an appearance in Season 4. Infinity Ward may have also teased changes to come, pointing to the Dam area in Warzone, which is frozen in game… for now. Whether this actually means change is coming in Season 3, or if this is potentially something for Season 4 is anyone’s guess.

Infinity Ward has been paying attention to fan feedback, so scouring Reddit threads could offer some ideas for inclusion in Season 4. Gas masks with an on/off toggle has been suggested, but one that is lighting up fan discussion is the removal (once again) of the Trios playlist. Initially dropped for Season 3, Trios was brought back after receiving some negative fan feedback. However, the mode is out once again and fans are not happy. A return in Season 4 could be possible.

While everyone is offering their two cents on just what would make Modern Warfare and Warzone more enjoyable, players will just have to wait and see what Season 4 brings sometime in the first week of June (presumably).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone) are available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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