Why Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Is Still The Best

You can tell GTAVI will be mindblowing when they didn’t even did one for current generation perhaps they aimed too high for current gen?

I just hope they stay away from sim features like in rdr2 i mean i wanna play a game and have fun not cook food or have to eat and actually see the animations of the character eating slowly or sharp bullet by bullet to be able to enjoy the game more have decent health and yeah we can buy stuff but very limited money in the beginning force you not to plus the menu to access food etc is so complicated time consuming it’slike the game is designto waste my time by doing things nobody enjoy way too much too often. I mean wtf Rockstar sure add those gameplays features but also don’t force it in us. I wanna play game and have fun not do chores i don’t even have to do in real life ( for example days gone is a perfect balance) quick menus and simplicity even when is deep. I am so disappointed so far because of all the useless simulation syuff i got to do in a great game its ruining the experience huge time.

I am seriously avoiding rdr3 because of this if they keed all the silly simulation been forced.

Anyways keep and improve the melee combat from rdr2 its good and it’s 2020 Rockstar improve the shooting mechanism still feels so outdated.. for example days gone shooting mechanics are so enjoyable gta5 or rdredemptionII are still ps3 level outdated hopefully they make the shooting more fun i mean plenty games do it rigjt GTAVI has to do it at least right or if possible better. And the history more has to have a more epic serious twisted script behind it. With many cool side mission. It’s not that hard specially with budget and time they take to do this game.

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