Will Xbox Series X games be held back by previous Xbox hardware?

Right now, 343 Industries is producing Halo Infinite. They are pushing the game as far as a top end PC and SX can handle in terms of visuals, performance, geometry, effects, physics, AI etc and agreeing on a baseline for those platforms. Anything below that baseline will receive a downgrade in those same categories to get them to run on current gen and below recommended PC specs. Thus on high end PC and SX, it is the game as intended, while on anything below that, it is the game with compromises once compared to those high end PCs and SX. This ensures that Microsoft and team isn’t leaving anyone behind and can maximize their sales and playerbase for the game while providing next gen with a truly next gen experience.

Why sell the game to a million gamers on day one when you can sell to over 100 million??? This is one of the dumbest arguments Ive heard yet. Some of you want to knock Microsoft for supporting their player base…those that stuck with them or joined them through this generation…why would they do that? But more importantly, why would you want them to do that?!?! Microsoft has already said they are getting rid of generations…where you buy a new console and effectively start over with library, accessories, network, accolades etc…this is them sticking to that word…how is this a bad thing…

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