Windows Can Automatically Add Subtitles to Games

Gamers who play with subtitles on their PC know how helpful they can be. However, some games aren't close-captioned, and sometimes the text is too small to read on some screens. The good news is now 11 will automatically add subtitles to games with its new Live Captions feature.

Live Captions have been available generally in Windows 11 since the release of version 22H2 in September 2022. The feature automatically generates text for video content playing on your computer. Mostly, people have used the feature for video playing in a web browser, but a Redttior recently pointed out that it also works for PC games.

In a run-through of Assassin's Creed (a game notorious for having no closed captions), the Redditor noted that Live Captions worked wonderfully so long as the spoken dialogue could be clearly heard and that the game was not in full-screen mode. They also reported a slight delay in transcribing the game's audio but stated that this should be expected since Windows is generating captions on-the-fly. An update to the post also notes that Live Captions work for emulated games and Spotify.

Live Captions for PC games is an excellent addition to Windows 11 because it allows those with hearing issues to experience their games more fully. Plus, many people prefer to have closed captions turned on all the time so they don't miss out on some spoken dialogue for various reasons, such as being too soft, being spoken in a heavy accent, or just preferring to play with the sound low or off.

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