World of Warcraft Update 8.3 Adds Two New Races and Eldritch Horrors

In a new developer , WoW director Ion Hazzikostas shared the eldritch setting for WoW Update 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth, which will also come with two new playable races.Update 8.3 introduces two new playable Allied Races: The Vulpera for the Horde, and Mechagnomes for the Alliance. Allied Races are unique races in WoW that require players to first max out their faction reputation before starting a new Allied Race character. The two races were introduced as non-playable races in Battle for Azeroth, but will officially arrive in Update 8.3.

The two new races were just one of the things announced in today's surprise 18-minute developer's update for WoW: Battle for Azeroth. Hazzikostas revealed that the next chapter for the Battle for Azeroth picks up after Update 8.2 when the Old God N'zoth was finally freed.

Players will venture into the Eldritch dimension to battle the Lovecraftian monsters in a new realm. A main feature of the update will be Assaults in Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

When an Assault occurs in one of the two zones that zone will physically change and “overflow with powerful lieutenants of N'zoth.” There will be time-limited quests and objectives during these assaults and opportunities for treasures and other rewards.

There will also be new single-player content called Horrific Visions which players can run by themselves, without other players. These solo campaigns are centered around potential futures where N'Zoth wins and alters Stormwind and Ogrimmar.On the of : Classic front, Hazzikostas revealed that Blizzard will release the Dire Maul dungeon separately in the coming weeks. The dungeon was originally set to be released alongside other features as part of a Phase 2 rollout but will instead beat features like World Bosses and the Honor System.

Check out IGN's World of : Battle for Azeroth wiki for even more coverage on Blizzard's latest MMO expansion. Update 8.3 will be released on the WoW Public Test Servers later today.

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